Aviation Services Research Centre advances the aviation industry

Established in 2013, Aviation Services Research Centre, an industry-led non-profit making organization established by PolyU in collaboration with Boeing Corporate, Hong Kong Aircraft Engineering Company Limited and Hong Kong Aero Engine Services Limited, has been advancing the aviation industry with over HK$70 million funding support from the Innovation and Technology Fund.

The Aviation Services Research Centre will further enhance Hong Kong's leading position as a world-class service provider of MRO (Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul) and steer the development of aviation related industries in China. PolyU has already embarked on two aviation services research projects that will address the pressing needs of MRO industry.

Apart from aviation services research projects, PolyU offers aviation engineering and aviation management degree programmes, including Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) in Aviation Engineering and Bachelor of Business Administration (Honours) in Aviation Management and Logistics. These programme aims to attract more graduates to join the aircraft maintenance and aviation engineering industry, and to fulfill the need of high demand for aviation professionals. With these programmes in the areas of aviation management, air transport engineering and aviation operations and systems, PolyU is becoming a leader in aviation education and related aviation training.

The HKSAR Government also shows support to the development of aviation industry. The Transport and Housing Bureau launched the Maritime and Aviation Training Fund (MATF) in 2014 to support the manpower training of the maritime and aviation industries.


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  • PolyU hosted a ceremony by Council Chairman Mr Chan Tze-ching and President Prof. Timothy W. Tong to celebrate the opening of the new research facility of the Aviation Services Research Centre (ASRC), which was co-founded by PolyU and The Boeing Company (Boeing) in 2012. The new facility occupies 1,500 square metres on campus, and will be installed with HK$35-million new equipment. See more

  • PhD Studentships available within the Aviation Services Research Centre. The ASRC is a research centre in the Hong Kong PolyU set up in 2012 in conjunction with Boeing, HAECO and HAESL which is tasked with research into process improvements in the aircraft MRO industry. See more

  • On 2nd March 2017, the Aviation Services Research Centre hosted a meeting for the ASRC Board of Governors including representatives from BOEING China, HAECO and HAESL. Prof. Alexander Wai, Vice President (Research Development), presented Dr. Dong Yang Wu with a certificate of appointment to the position of Adjunct Professor in the department of Industrial and Systems Engineering, Hong Kong Polytechnic University. See more

  • The Aviation Services Research Centre, as part of PolyU Showcase, presented to delegates from 34 countries, including influential higher education and industry leaders, entrepreneurs and policy-makers around the globe, gather in Hong Kong for the inaugural Times Higher Education (THE) Innovation & Impact Summit. Co-hosted by PolyU and THE, a key celebratory event of the University’s 80th anniversary, the Summit commenced on 31st May with the PolyU Showcase. See more

  • On 28th February 2017, the Aviation Services Research Centre hosted a visit for the PolyU Council Chairman. Prof. Alexander Wai, Vice President (Research Development) presented various aspects of the Aviation Services Research Centre’s work to Mr. Chan Tze-Ching before a number of ASRC staff gave presentations on the various projects they were involved in. See more

  • On 26 October 2016, the ITC officials visited the research-oriented units of the Hong Kong Polytechnic University including the Aviation Services Research Centre. Prof. Timothy Tong, President, Prof. Philip Chan, Deputy President and Provost, and Prof. Alexander Wai, Vice President (Research Development) received the ITC officials, and introduced latest developments in technological innovation of the University. See more

  • John TSANG Chun-wah, former Financial Secretary of Hong Kong paid a visit to the ASRC on Jan 6. He mentioned that during his term as Financial Secretary he witnessed the collaboration of Boeing and PolyU in the setting up of ASRC in 2012. Till now the rapid development of the Centre, not only has successfully enhanced the maintenance operation rate of the HK International Airport, some of its research and development on automated maintenance processes was accepted by the international and has impressive achievements. See more

  • On February the 14, the ASRC Digital Technology and Automation team delivered a fully automatic laser marking machine to HAESL in Junk bay. The laser marking machine uses a QR code to identify the turbine/ engine blade or component which is then fixed in the machine. It is translated to the firing point of the laser under a ‘cold mirror’ and adjusted in the ‘z’ direction to give the correct focus of the laser and the machine vision camera. See more

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ASRC lecture on “Practical Residual Stress Analysis on Aircraft Engines & Optical Coherence Tomography in Airframe Inspection”

You are cordially invited to attend the ASRC lecture on “Practical Residual Stress Analysis on Aircraft Engines & Optical Coherence Tomography in Airframe Inspection” to be presented by our researchers, Mr Anthony Mannion and Dr.GUO Wenjiang

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